Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine involves healing through different techniques. Some of these modalities include chakra healing/chakra balance, using energy crystals as conduits for energy, and many more.

At Avanti Acupuncture and Wellness Center, the energy healing modalities of Reiki and Bars are offered.

Both of the above healing therapies are based upon the idea that healing energy is transported into a person by light or distant touch. Different centers or points on the body are felt or tested to see where energy is needed or where it needs to be released. The results of energy medicine are described as far-reaching, often affecting the body, mind, and spirit.


Reiki is a form of energy medicine in which the reiki practitioner promotes energy healing through touch. Their hands and touch act as a conduit for energy that is transferred to the patient’s body. Importantly Reiki is based on the patient’s body taking only the energy they need, which makes Reikia very patient-driven energy healing therapy.

What Actually Happens During Reiki?

During a Reiki healing appointment you’ll lie on a Reiki massage table (fully clothed), while the Reiki practitioner will place their hands on specific areas of your body known as specific energy locations. The practitioner will use a variety of hand positions and a variety of duration in each area, based on the flow of energy from their hands to you. Reiki therapy is different from other forms of energy healing or touch therapies because there is no pressure or manipulation involved, simply gentle touch for various periods of time.

What Does it Feel Like?

Reiki therapy is incredibly personal, and can manifest different sensations for many people. Some people may feel tingling, pulsing sensations, or warmth. These can be full-body or localized sensations. Others may feel nothing.

Is it Right for You?

Reiki is best used as a complement to other forms of therapy and medicinal interventions, as it’s primary purpose and use is to promote stress relief, relaxation, and some symptom relief (not treatment). This makes it a particularly powerful tool for people struggling with mental health, chronic stress, and chronic pain.

Access Bars

Access Bars (Bars) is another form of energy healing touch therapy. This form of therapy is centric on the head, and is rooted in the theory that there are 32 energy centers located in the head which can be unlocked with gentle touch, resulting in a flow of energy through the body that will bring the body and mind back into alignment.

This form of therapy is used primarily to remove mental-health related blockages from common stressors and emotional struggles including but not limited to; health, finances, and depression/anxiety.


What Happens During Your Appointment?

Bars treatment is a non-invasive touch based therapy. The practitioner will apply light touch to the energy centers to unblock the energy that is needed. You will likely feel very relaxed, and like you just had a great massage.

Importantly, most benefits of Bars may be seen weeks after your appointment, as it deals with unblocking and resolving complex emotional blockages!

If you’re curious about these forms of touch therapy, come in for an appointment today and we will guide you through how these non-invasive therapies can be incorporated into your treatment plan.


Electro-acupuncture is another style of Chinese healing therapy that stems from acupuncture. In this therapy needles are placed in the same spots (acupoints based on the theory of meridians that carry the Qi through the body), and an electrode is attached to the ends of the needles. The electrode then carries a small amount of electricity that produces the same effect of an acupuncturist activating the needle with their fingers, ensuring that the right amount of stimulation is received every time. Additionally, it shortens the length of treatment by activating the acupoints quicker than traditional acupuncture.


This form of acupuncture has the same benefits as traditional acupuncture with the added benefit of warming the muscles which may help relieve muscle spasms, poor circulation, and chronic stress.

What You Should Know

Since electro-acupuncture involves the usage of electricity, it may not be right for everyone. This form of acupuncture is not recommended if you have a history of seizures, epilepsy, certain heart conditions, or stroke. In addition, anyone who uses a pacemaker should not undergo this therapy. Consult with Dr. Laddu today to discuss this form of treatment and whether it’s right for you based on your medical background.

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